Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Baby Daniel has arrived

For the last 9 months we have been waiting to meet this fella.

Baby Daniel

5 days over cooked, Daniel arrived at 12:33 on the 8th of September 2016 at North West Private Hospital in Brisbane. A number of the doctors, nurses and midwives commended on how big his feet are for a baby. Maybe we have an Olympic swimmer on our hands? 

After a long night and tiring day, Jihyeon had a well deserved rest while I had some dinner. 

The next day Jihyeon was on enough pain killers to get back on her feet and even crack a smile for her annoying husband taking photos.

Daniel came in at 3.4kg and 54cm long. 

Daniel getting his hearing test done. 

All good, no problems. Passed on the first go. What a champion. 

Daddy awkwardly holding Daniel. 

Mummy feeding Daniel. He was a big eater right out of the gate. Definitely my son.

Out the window of our room we spotted a turtle sunning himself on the creek bank. Jihyeon's mum got pretty excited.

5 days later, we packed up our things and headed home. 

Back at home, Daniel took a nap in the cradle my grandfather made for me! Maybe one day my grand kids will use the same cradle. It's a nice thought.

I bought this baby boots charm months ago as a gift to give Jihyeon in the hospital, but with theensuing chaos and sleep deprivation, I completely forgot! Luckily while checking the credit card bill today I saw the expense and retrieved it from where I had safely hidden it in the car.

Very happy to be home again, with a slightly larger family.

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