Friday, April 12, 2013

The North Korean Threat Pt3

I got an email from the Australian embassy in Seoul today.
As you would be aware there is much media speculation regarding the current situation on the Korean peninsula.  The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is keeping the travel advice for the ROK (link) under close review.
Australians are currently advised to ‘Exercise normal safety precautions’ in the ROK; this is the lowest of the four levels of advice.  Australians in the ROK are also advised to monitor developments closely because of the risk that tensions on the Korean Peninsula could escalate with little warning. This advice is based on the Department’s best assessment of the current security situation drawing on a range of sources of information, including the Embassy's ongoing close liaison with the ROK Government and representatives of other governments in Seoul.
North Korea just can't get a break. They have been beating their chest non stop for weeks now threatening to turn Seoul into a sea of fire and it isn't even enough for the Australian embassy to bump up their travel advice above their lowest level.  

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