Thursday, January 11, 2018

Daniel in 2017

Another big year with Daniel. He is growing so fast. Can't believe how fast the time went. Seems like just yesterday. 

First picture of 2017 for Daniel. Lunch with his great grandparents.

Playing on his play mat, just learning to crawl. 

Being jolly and jumping.

Sitting down to his first meal of solids. He was pretty keen to give it a go.

More playtime on the play mat. 

Ready for the beach!

Walk along the esplanade at Redcliffe. 

Shopping in Aldi.

Enjoying the soft pillow. 

Filling out a passenger card with mummy to go to Korea.

Chilling at Korean grandparents house.

Enjoying a park in Korea. 

Visiting family in Korea. 

Keeping an eye on Korean grandma.

Snack time.

Chasing Harau.

Playing with Korean grandpa.

Road trip with mummy.

Back in Australia, checking out his new house with Grandpa.

1st Birthday!

Reading one of his favourite books. 

Wearing daddies hat 

Playing at the local park again.

Taking a break.

Watering the plants.

Checking the mail. 

Daddy... I want to go outside.

Playing at our local park.

Swimming at Cedric and Kaat's. 

Gardening with daddy.

Playing with the zipper on the pillow. 

Helping daddy mow.

Trying to start the mower.

Grandma took over to give daddy a break.

Christmas lights!

Christmas Morning!

Sweeping the grass.

First day playing in the sand at the beach.

Playing with his new favourite Christmas gift.