Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Korean In-Laws Visit Australia - Part 1

After being the recipient of my in-laws hospitality for 2 years in Korea, it was now my turn to reciprocate. 

Travelling to Australia was a huge adventure for Woon Young and Hyung Suk. They had spent their whole life in South Korea, a country about as big as Tasmania, working in the small supermarket they owned. Their flight on Korean Air arrived early Thursday morning at Brisbane airport, so Jihyeon and I drove in to pick them up before I headed off to work for the day. We quickly snapped the obligatory photo next to the "Welcome to Brisbane" sign before my parking expired at the airport. Kind of disappointing that they don't have a better sign welcoming international travellers to Brisbane. 

Having just started a new job a few months ago, I didn't have enough holidays saved to take the full 2 weeks off. I quickly drove Woon Young and Hyung Suk back to my parents house before heading off to work for the day.

Saturday morning we headed over to Paul and Kayleen's house for breakfast in their recently renovated garden (top job by the way, it looks fantastic). Jihyeon's sister, who is studying English in Brisbane at the moment, also joined us.

After breakfast, we jumped in the car and started the 1 hour drive north to Montville, a small town in the Sunshine Coast hinterland about 400 meters above sea level. Near by there is also Kondalilla National Park, home of a popular swimming hole and waterfall. On the way up the mountain, we stopped off at a lookout.

Not long afterwards, we arrived at Kondalilla National Park and started the short trek to the waterfall. 

Stopped off at a lookout. 

At the top of the main waterfall is a large swimming hole that is popular with locals and tourists. I couldn't convince them to get in the water, but we sat and rested while laughing at the kids complaining about how cold the water was, but continuing to swim in it. 

Unfortunately there was a rock fall and the track to the bottom of the waterfall had been closed. Disappointed, we headed back to the car. 

We stopped off at a cafe/restaurant called the edge, which is perched on the top of the mountain overlooking farm lands and the coast. 

We then jumped back in the car and headed back to Caboolture for dinner with my parents and grandparents. 

Continue to part 2 here.

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