Thursday, October 29, 2015

Korean In-Laws Visit Australia - Part 4

For the next 3 days we booked a holiday apartment in Noosa, a beach side town about an hour north of our house and at the door step of some really beautiful beaches and national parks. 

On the way we stopped off at Ettamogah Pub (a tourist attraction on the side of the highway) to try one of the great Australian delicacies. The aussie meat pie! 

We then drove a bit further and stopped at the yandina historical house, a 150 year old house that has been turned into a museum. They also serve really cheap food and drinks!

Don't ask me what they were laughing about, but they almost wet their pants about something. 

Eventually, we arrived at noosa at Myuna Holiday Apartments. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in Noosa I highly recommend it. It's well located a close to the main street in Noosa, reasonably priced and the apartment we stayed in had just been freshly renovated. Pics below. 

We then headed down to the noosa river to watch the sunset. 

and then back to the apartment for samgyupsal, a popular Korean dish. Basically fried pork and rice on wrapped up in lettuce.

The next morning I introduced Jihyeon's parents to baked beans *evil smile*.

Boy did those baked beans work their magic! Good thing we spent the morning outside at Eumundi markets. The markets are open Wednesday and Saturday mornings and are home to arts and crafts, foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, clothing, souvenirs, jewellery, natural health products.... the list goes on. Shopping isn't my cup of tea, so I found somewhere in the shade to lay on the grass and wait. 

We then headed back to Noosa and checked out the lookout on top of the mountain. In the background you can see the Noosa river and the main beach were people go swimming and surfing. 

We then went for a walk in Noosa National Park along the ocean walking track. You can find a map of the walking tracks here. Before we departed, we stopped off at the information center located next to the car park to enquire about any Koala sightings. Sure enough, one had been sighted in some trees next to the path about 2km along the track.

I've been to Noosa National Park a few times, and it is always enjoyable walking along the ocean view track.

Can you see it? Smack bang in the center of the picture, sitting on a branch and leaning against a tree is a Koala. 

Can you still see it?

There it is!

All along the walking path there are a series of secluded beaches that are almost always deserted. 

They don't have trees like this in Korea. It's called a Pandanus.  My in-laws were fascinated by the root system and how they helped support the branches. 

We finally reached hells gate, the half way point on the ocean view walking track. While we were resting here we saw some whales far out to see! Koalas and whales in one day! In the background of the photo below you can see another beach/bay. It's called Alexandria Beach and interestingly (shocking of you are not fore warned) it is a noodest beach! It was getting late so we started walking back. The noodest beach will have to wait until tomorrow.

Back along the ocean walking track.

walking walking walking.

Past the Koala still napping as the sun set.

All up it had been a pretty good day.

The next morning we were up bright and early. It was our last day in Noosa, so we packed the car and drove around to the other end of the walking trail we didn't finish yesterday and checked out Alexandria Beach (the noodest beach). I told my in-laws that by law they had to take their clothes off on the beach! Unfortunately they know me too well now and know I'm full of crap. I did manage to convince them that drop bears were real though :)

We walked down the beach and found a peaceful spot to rest away from the noodests. 

We then headed back through the bush to the car and headed home.

Once we were back home it was all hands on deck getting ready for the wedding. I had my mother-in-law putting sand in jars for candles....

and I put my father-in-law to work mowing the grass, a novelty for him. Having spent most of his life living in an apartment, he had never had to mow the grass before. 

Jihyeon, horrified that I was forcing her parents to do work, helped her mum.

Her sister arrived later in the afternoon, so I put her to work too!

Great job decorating the arch.

Dad picked up the portable freezer and the meat which we would roast on Saturday.

Oh, what's the freezer and decorations for? If you missed the previous post where I explained, it is for our second wedding (this time in Australia) for the people who couldn't come to our wedding 2 years ago in Korea. You can check out our 2nd wedding here if you are interested.

Or, continue on to part 5 of traveling with my Korean in-laws.

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