Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Classes

I already stand out like a sore thumb in a school full of Koreans, but I thought I could kick it up a notch. I picked up a Santa's beard and hat for $1 at a junk shop and have been wearing it to school all week. I got a few funny looks from teachers and students, and a couple of girls screamed when they bumped into me around a corner but overall I think it was well received. 

For class this week, we have been making pop-up Christmas tree cards. Instructions and templates can be found on the internet <here>. Nice quiet students. I love it. ^^

I have some talented artists in my classes. 

Even my co-teacher wanted to join in ^^.

I can't wait to do the activity again next year. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Re-signing For Another Year.

Today I re-signed with the Daejeon MOE for one more year of teaching English in Korea. 

Luck for me I teach at a middle school. This year all but 8 of the high school teachers had their jobs cut due to budget restrictions. Where possible they will be moved to either elementary or middle schools within an hour of where they are living, but won't find out where they will be teaching until February next year (just before semester starts).

It could have been worse. Our coordinator was told she needed to cut the budget by 50%, meaning half of us would lose our jobs. Thankfully she went in to bat for us and managed to claw back some of the budget (around 85%), meaning that ultimately it would only be the high school teachers who lost their jobs. Moving forward there will be 216 western English teachers in Daejeon public schools in 2014.