Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Master Switch

Modern Korean apartments have all sorts of gadgets, one of which is a master switch conveniently located by the front door that can call the elevator, turn off the gas or all the lights before leaving the apartment.

We are crashing at Jihyeon's parents apartment all packed and ready to fly to Australia tomorrow. I just got up to get a drink of water from the kitchen. It was pitch dark in the hallway, so I tried to turn the hallway light on.... it didn't work. I pushed the button again... still not working. I then started repeatedly pressing it only to find out it isn't the hallway light switch. It is the master light switch for the whole unit and I was turning the bedroom lights on and off! Sorry everyone! The apartment must have looked like a Christmas tree from the outside. Just spent the last 5 minutes laughing hysterically with Jihyeon. 


  1. I finally post a comment here.
    It's good to end the days in Korea with laugh^^
    I wish your families good luck and hopefully bring just;;; good memories at school.
    So are you in au? You may have to change the name of blog to gdayathome^^
    신선정ㅡthe math t

    1. Thanks. I hope you are doing well. Are you in America now?

      Yeah, we are in Australia now. I've picked up some temporary Engineering work, but I'm still looking for something more permanent.

      I've been thinking about starting a new blog called anyong Australia, but I'm not sure I will have time to write as many posts as I have for gdaykorea.

      Thanks for posting. Keep in touch.


    2. It's a bit odd to reply after a while, but anyway^^ ..

      I'm still here Deajeon, at the same house . The only different thing is that I'm not working.(and my age)
      My husband failed to get a position in U.S. and he ventured his own company.
      Though I preferred to move abroad, no one knows what's going to be next year.

      Nowdays it's getting hard to fing somewhat 'permanent' but I hope you find one 'permanent' job there. In fact, I'm also sending some resume but there's no answer back ㅠ ㅠ.

      Are you still learning Korean?
      건강하고 행복한 호주 생활 보내요.
      좋은 소식 있으면 연락주세요~ 안녕~

    3. Hi. Thank you for the well wishes. I sent you an email.