Sunday, March 22, 2015

Homeward Bound

After spending 2 years in Korea, it was finally time to return home to Australia. I took a gamble booking some dirt cheap tickets with Asiana Airlines about 10 months ago, but luckily Jihyen's 309 partner visa came through in time with 8 days to spare ^^. 

I had read some mixed reports about Asiana Airlines, so I was a little worried about what the 10 hour flight to Australia would be like. We flew with Asiana Airlines about a month prior from Korea to Singapore and it was a fairly modern aircraft. The plane we caught to Australia however.... I think it was from the 1990's. There was a decent normal (for economy) amount of space between the seats, but the in flight entertainment was very limited and didn't use touch screen control. You had to use the remote attached to your seat to navigate the menu's, and you had to tune into the 4 or 5 movies that played every 3 hours. But, that didn't dampen my spirits. The tickets, as I said, were dirt cheap AND I WAS FLYING HOME TO AUSTRALIA!!!

The meal they provided wasn't bad for airline food.

After spending 5 hours trying to get some sleep, I opened my window shade to see this... my first Australian sunrise in 2 years.

We have been back a little over a week now and are settling into a new routine. Please drive carefully, we now live here too! 

I'll update this blog from time to time, but I'd say this will be my last post for quite a while. Thanks for reading!

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