Monday, February 4, 2013

The Final Count Down

The Final Count Down
After a somewhat hectic and stressful weekend things have gone full circle for me. I am now living back at home with my parents sleeping in the same room and the same bed that I grew up in. I am a little taller than I used to be so my feet stick out over the end of the bed, but it feels good to be back in my old room again even if I am surrounded by boxes stacked sky high. 

Late (very late) Saturday night my girlfriend (Jay) flew home to Korea. We had a good old fashioned aussie BBQ at my parents house before she said her goodbyes and I drove her to the airport. My friends +Stacey Everingham and +Anthony Gray were kind enough to meet us at the airport and say hooroo (for any non Australian readers this is slang for goodbye). She is going to kill me for this, but here is a photo of her just before she passed through the departure gate. She looks pretty happy to be leaving Australia. 
ATTN Jay: before you yell at me for posting this picture, be happy I didn't post the picture of you stuffing your face with blueberry cheesecake :).

On the weekend I also booked my flight to Korea. I decided to use Korean Air since they were the second cheapest for a one way ticket, they have a slightly larger economy baggage allowance (23kg) and they fly directly from Brisbane to Korea which means it will only take 10 hours to get there :). The cheapest option (by about $30) was Thai airways with a total flying time of 46 hours!!! No thanks. Anyway, I am departing from Brisbane airport on the 15th of February 2013 at 8:30am. I think now is an appropriate time to rock out to this classic. 

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