Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Meeting Friends and EPIK Orientation

This morning I rode the subway again and went to meet John. John is an Australian who has been living in Korea for the last 4 years working as an English teacher and happens to be the brother of one of my primary school teachers who is by chance good friends with my mum. Anyway, John was kind enough to shout Jay and myself lunch at a burger place called Kraze Burgers near City Hall station.

It was pretty good. I wish I had of taken a photo of the food, but it slipped my mind (again). If I am looking for a burger again I will be going back there. The burgers alone were about 10,000 won each which is a little more than you would pay for lunch if you went to a Korean restaurant by the time you include something to drink and some chips (the cheese chilli fries are great!), but if you are looking for some western food this is a better choice than McDonalds. 

I thought I would post an example of my camera (Sony RX100) operating in HDR mode. 

Here is a picture of John and myself with HDR mode turned off.

Here is a picture with HDR mode turned on.

The HDR mode takes three quick photos with different exposure settings and then merges all the pictures together to try and make the photo as good as possible. As you can see it works really well when objects are stationary. 

Anyway, after meeting John for lunch I headed to my EPIK orientation. There was nothing scheduled for today so a group of us went for a walk near where we are staying. We came across this amazing market of fresh food (fruit, fish, meat), clothes and nick nacks. I'm planning to head back when I am not part of a large group and take some time to try and get some awesome photos. After that we stopped at a small Korean restaurant (half the group headed back to the orientation venue because the restaurant wasn't big enough for all of us) and had something to eat and played a couple of drinking games to break the ice. After that I headed back to our orientation venue for dinner only to find that I was too late. Sadness. I ended up grabbing some instant noodles from the local convenience store. 

That is all for today

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