Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Daejeon Subway

Yesterday I rode the Daejeon subway for the first time. 

I will do another blog about the subway system later on but I thought I would list some of the awesome things about it. 

  1. It is cheap. It costs between 1100won and 1300won (~AU$1) depending on travel distance and how you pay.
  2. It is clean.
  3. The trains are on time.
  4. Off peak trains arrive every 10 minutes, peak hour trains arrive every 5 minutes (the timetable below is for Galma station).
  5. It has English and Korean instructions (written in the station and audio in the train itself).
  6. You can use your bank card to touch on and touch off (similar to a go card).
  7. On the train, there is a clear map of what station you just passed and what the next station is. The station you passed/arrived at is illuminated in green and the next/future stations are illuminated in orange. 
  8. Instead of an annoying beep when you touch on or touch off, the machine plays bird sounds (be warned, if you do the wrong thing like I did loud beep will sound an an angry Korean voice will yell at you)

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