Friday, February 22, 2013

EPIK Orientation Day 2

I will keep this brief. Today has been a huge day. I have only just got back to my room. Breakfast was at 7:30am and we had a day packed with lectures and group work. Like I said. It has been a huge day but it has gone super quick because all the lectures have been really good. I wish my lecturers at university were as interesting and enthusiastic as the people they have here. 

It snowed this morning :). Later on the day warmed up a little (around 3 degrees celcius) and what little snow fell has now melted and refrozen as slippery ice. I took this photo as i walked to my first lecture this morning.

This is one half of the dining hall where we eat our meals. As you can see there are quite a few of us (about 600 at the Daejeon orientation venue). The crazy guy in the photo is Nubia (sorry if I got the spelling wrong). 

The food the kitchen is serving is a mish mash of western and Korean foods which is fine with me. I am not going hungry which is the important thing. Here is what I had to eat today.




Super tired but I have to brainstorm some ideas for "shopping" lesson plans, and by brainstorm I mean think of google search terms ;).

That is all for today.

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