Sunday, November 16, 2014

1 Year wedding anniversary in Korea

1 year ago today, I got married in Korea. The time has gone by really quickly and it is hard to believe I've almost finished my second contract to teach English in Korea. I've been sick for the last week and was a little worried I would be too sick to go out this weekend, but happily I was well enough to visit "Iron Chef" on our anniversary. It's a little pricey, so I have steered clear of it until now. I'm happy we went, the food was quite good (the best lasagna I've had in Korea so far) and they have cool Iron Man figurines decorating the restaurant. 

It is on the ground floor near Subway and KFC near timeworld (shopping complex) in Daejeon. 

In case there is any confusion, there is a life size Iron Man statue in the front window. 

So cool. I want one. 

The menu is decent, though a few of the items are a little pricey. Steaks are > 35000won ($35).

They have an open kitchen where you can sit at the bar and watch them cook if you like. 

Fried pork... on fire!

Here is the lasagna. I can't say it is the best lasagna I've ever tasted (that title goes to Mamma's Italian Restaurant), but it was easily the best lasagna I've had in Korea. The meat sauce, pasta layers and cheese was all tasty. 

Since the portion sizes looked a little small in the menu, we decided to order a third dish. The jumbo burger came with cheese, 2 hash browns and two thick proper ground beef paddies. It was good. We couldn't eat it all, so brought half the hamburger home with us. 

After eating enough to feed a 3rd world country, Jihyeon insisted I posed for a photo in front of the life size Iron Man statue. 

As you walk in the front door, you are also greeted by this cool display case packed with figurines. 

The Iron Chef. It's not cheap, but not excessively expensive either. The food is definitely a notch or two above most other western style restaurants I've tried in Daejeon. 

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