Friday, November 21, 2014

Jason Mraz Concert in Daejeon

As an anniversary gift to Jihyeon, I took her to see Jason Mraz who just so happened to be playing in Daejeon (the city where we live in Korea). If you don't know who Jason Mraz is (like I did), then check out this music vid. With almost 200 million views, it's pretty popular.

The concert was located in an exhibition hall that is a bit of a pain to get to. There are almost no buses and the subway is about a 45 minute walk away. We knew we had the right place when we saw the official merchandise tent out the front of a dilapidated building. 

I was a little disappointed to walk in an see rows and rows of plastic chairs arranged on a flat concrete floor.

We quickly found our seats...

and waited for the show to start.

And the show finally started..

Jihyeon clapping and singing along having a great time.

After the show we shuffled off and had to walk for about 20 minutes in the cold before we could find an empty taxi. We excitedly flagged it down and went home. 

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