Thursday, October 29, 2015

Korean In-Laws Visit Australia - Part 5

Big day today! We went to Australia Zoo. I went 3 years ago with my wife and was very impressed with the zoo and how good it was which put it on the must see list while here parents were here. As they say in the TV advertisements, "it's a hell of a day out". We arrived just before lunch time and made our way straight to the crocoseum for the wildlife warriors show.

First up was the bird show. They bring out 3 or 4 different eagles, each one bigger than the last.

They then have a range of birds to aerobatics around the crocoseum and perch right up amongst the crowd.

Then, it's time to bring out the big croc!

His name is Monty and

he is

a bloody big croc.

After the show we started wondering around the zoo. The first stop was one of the 3 Koala enclosures.

Most were sleeping, but this guy was busy munching on fresh green eucalyptus leaves. 

We then passed through the aviary. 

Kangaroo o'clock! I swear they must drug the Kangaroos. They are so placid. I wouldn't want to try and walk up to a wild kangaroo and try to force food in it's mouth the way some of the kids did.

Jihyeon's mum was initially too afraid to touch it, but I convinced her to give it a go.

We then stopped off in another Koala enclosure where this time we could actually touch the Koalas. 

Some wild Australian dog's known as Dingoes. 

Some more birds.

Another Kangaroo, this time it had a joey.

This croc is based on a real crocodile which they found the remains of. In Australia, Crocodiles were almost hunted to extinction for their prized skins in 1974. Both species of crocodiles in Australia are now protected, but habitat destruction continues to threaten them. Increasingly, people are building waterfront houses on swamps, mangroves and rivers which is pushing the crocodiles out of their homes.

Before leaving Australia Zoo, we took the obligatory photo by the sign out the front just to say "we were here".

That evening, we dropped by my grandparents house for dinner. My in-laws were very interested to see how elderly people lived in Australia and had lots and lots of questions. 

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