Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Korean In-Laws Visit Australia - Part 3

For whatever reason (it seemed like a good idea at the time) we had decided to have a 2nd wedding ceremony in Australia that coincided with Woon Young and Hyung Suk's visit. So between travelling every day, we were also doing wedding preparation. Before we spent the day travelling, Jihyeon enlisted her parents to help cut the hessian which would be used to decorate tables. 

Today we would travel to Bribie Island, a medium sized island close to the mainland about 30 minutes (on a normal day) from our house. I say a normal day because Monday was actually a public holiday, meaning the island was crazy busy. On the way to Bribie Island we got stuck in gridlock for about half an hour. We finally arrived and, thanks to my local knowledge, managed to snag a unused public BBQ and picnic table straight away. I quickly set about starting to cook lunch, Aussie snags (sausages)!

Hyung Suk keeping our table safe. 

nom nom nom. Can't wait.

Another win for local knowledge, just near the park we stopped in were some old hollow eucalyptus trees which are home to lots of rainbow lorikeets

High tide. 

Jihyeon's parents didn't bring any swimmers with them, but they rolled up their pants and played in the water. Jihyeon through it would be fun to splash her mum. 

We then jumped back into the car and drove over to the other side of the island known as the "surf side". This side of the island is exposed to the open ocean and has much larger waves. The beach is about 34 km long and cars are allowed to drive on much of it. There are also a series of bunkers and gun emplacements left over from world war 2. 

A couple of kids playing in the water....

Hungry, we returned to the calmer passage side of the island for some fish and chips.


With the sun quickly setting, it was time to go home.

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