Saturday, September 27, 2014

Kinball - Teacher Bonding

It's exam time at the moment so all classes are cancelled while students sit exams. This left the teachers with some extra time up their sleeves in the afternoon, so on Thursday they organized a teacher bonding game in the gymnasium. The name of the game was Kinball and is an easy to learn game for the athletically challenged. Spending a decent chunk of my youth playing sport along with my superior genetics (extra long arms and legs) helped me earn the title MVP (most valuable player). 

Sitting and listening as the rules are explained to us. Demonstrated below is the technique for serving the ball. All but 1 team member has to hold the ball up above their heads. The other team member then runs in circles around the ball, shouts out the name of one of the other teams before hitting the ball, and that team has to catch the ball before it touches the ground. 

4 teams are on the playing field. One team (yellow) is about to serve, and the other 3 teams (blue, green and orange) position themselves strategically around the ball. 

It's blue teams turn to serve. 

Blue team hit the ball. Green team needs to catch the ball. 

It was an easy game, but fun. 

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