Monday, May 5, 2014

Bugak Skyway

North of Seoul is a large mountainous region known as Bukhansan National Park. There are loads of hiking trails and even part of the Seoul fortress wall which snake their way through the mountains. We decided to (after some miscommunication between the wife and I) check out Bugak Skyway, a scenic road that overlooks downtown Seoul and passes the Bugak Pavilion and Changuimun Gate (part of the Seoul fortress wall). We were tired and short on time, so we cheated and caught a taxi up the mountain and followed the path back down again. It was well worth the 8000won ($8). 

Our taxi driver dropped us off at the top of the mountain. We wandered around a little, found a map, asked for directions from a local hiker (it's great having a personal interpreter), and then headed off back down the mountain. There is only one road in the mountain range. Next to the road is a clearly marked pedestrian path. Follow it and you will find yourself back in civilization. If you get sick of walking, you can always hail a taxi :)

As you follow the path, through breaks in the trees you get a nice view of the northern most suburbs of Seoul which are nestled between the mountain ranges. 

The mountains in Korea are very rocky. 

The path is well shaded and there was a strong breeze which stopped us from getting too hot. 

In no time, we arrived at  Bugak Pavilion. There is a restaurant upstairs and a coffee shop downstairs. 

Small shop selling Heineken.


The view from the top floor of the pavilion would be really nice if they removed the ugly power lines. 

We continued on your journey and kept following the path down the mountain. 

There is a military base around here with lots of lookout posts along the road to.

Looking across at the other mountain ridge, you can see the Seoul fortress wall snake it's way through the trees and down the mountain. 

Caution, dinosaurs???

Finally the trees will disappear, the path turns into a road and you will start walking through the outer suburbs of Seoul again. I thought this court yard looked nice. 

After walking for a couple of hours, we were back in Seoul again. 

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