Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hill House Hotel

If you are looking for a good, cheap hotel in Seoul, I highly recommend the Hill House Hotel. It is well located near the subway line and a number of the most popular attractions in Seoul. I and a few people I know have stayed there, and they have all had nothing but positive things to say about the Hotel. 

It is nestled among the other hotels in the area, but has a large sign in English making it easy to identify. 

  • It's cheap. Not as cheap as a backpackers hostel, but it is one of the cheapest hotels in Seoul. If you book ahead you can pick up a room for less than $80 a night. 
  • It's close to Namdaemun Market, Namsan Mountain, Hoehyeon station, Seoul Station, Cheonggyecheon Stream and Deoksugung Palace.
  • It's a moderate walk/short taxi ride to Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Bukhansan Mountain, Han River, Prison History Museum, War Memorial of Korea and Building 63
  • Most of the staff speak English with a reasonable proficiency. 
  • Free breakfast - Cereal, fried egg, toast, jam, orange juice.
  • Free wifi.
  • Rooms and hallways didn't smell of smoke.
  • Bathroom was large.
  • Free soft-drinks in the bar fridge.
  • Free toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Free tea and coffee in the rooms.
  • Rooms were quiet during the day and at night.
  • The rooms were clean - with the exception listed in the con below.

  • We found a couple of very long hairs on the bed. Considering how clean the rest of the room was, I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that the hair got stuck in the sheets while they were washed. We called the front desk to complain they they immediately sent someone up to change the bedding.
  • No view from the window (but for the price, who cares!).
  • The bar fridge wasn't very cold.

  • The bed was quite firm. 
  • The towels were medium size. Not as big as western towels, but bigger than standard Korean towels. 
  • The window was very small, but since there was no view that doesn't matter. 

The room.

About 80 channels to choose from on the TV. 

A large bathroom, but they still insisted on sticking the shower over the bath. 

Just down the road near exit 1 of Hoehyeon station is a restaurant (curiously named Pomato) that foreigners won't find scary, and is reasonably priced too. It's not gourmet food, but it will fill a hole. 

The menu is fairly straight forward and has some pictures to help you order if you can't read Korean. 

There isn't much space in the restaurant. You can find the chopsticks, spoons and napkins in a small draw under each table. If you want water to drink, you have to serve yourself.

It seemed to be popular with the locals, which is always a good sign. 

My wife ordered Bulgogi, I ordered the pork cutlet with came with some sauce in a bowl. If you like Korean side dishes, you can get yourself (it's unlimited self serve) some side dishes from next to the water purifier.  

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