Sunday, January 18, 2015

Winter English Camp 2014

I'm on the home stretch. Only 50 more days in Korea and I have completed my final English camp. I wasn't as prepared as previously because I was really sick in the 2 months leading up to camp, but I think it went well. I was a little lazy taking photos this time, but here we go.

I had a good turn out. 14 in the first class, and 11 in the 2nd class.

A warm up game of musical pass the balloon.

Next up, making some team posters. Recently one of the family members of Korean Air threw a tantrum about some peanuts on a flight and forced the aeroplane back to the terminal. One of the groups decided to name their team "peanut return".

Another group tried to suck up to me.

Game time. Practicing countable and uncountable nouns for items in a bag while we travel.

Less than 0.1% of the internet is written in Korean, while a mammoth 56% of the internet is in English. I wanted students to feel more comfortable searching in English on the internet, so I set some simple research tasks each day for students to complete by only using English. I was a little unsure how this activity would go, but overall students had a lot of fun with it.

Mum recently sent me a care package with a jar of Vegemite, an Australian delicacy. For the best part of 2 years I had Kimch shoved in my face every lunch, it was time for revenge. Vegemite is an acquired taste and, much like Kimchi, unless you have grown up with it you tend not to like it.

A couple of students thought it was horrible, some thought it was below average, but surprisingly I had 7 students ask for more!

A game of telephone, or Chinese whispers as I called it growing up. Lots of fun. I wish I could play it in my regular class, but the logistics would be too hard with 30 students.

The final person in the telephone line had to write the sentence on their mini whiteboard.

I also came up with a new game called chopstick dictation. I wrote letters on small styrofoam ball which students then had to pick up using chopsticks, run back to their desk, and make the word I tell them to make.

I've done a science related activity on all my camps. This time it was making parachutes and dropping eggs out the 3rd floor window.

Some of the parachutes were not so good.... luckily the other two girls in the group were more scientifically minded.

Then we went outside to wreak havoc.

Eggs away!

English Camp Group 1

This was a really nice way to finish off my final English camp. A student wrote me a letter, in English, thanking me for my fun camp. It makes the stress of coming up with engaging English activities worthwhile. Thank you.

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