Monday, January 19, 2015

Journey to find a meat pie in Seoul

What do you call a seven-course meal in Australia? A pie and a six-pack. Jokes aside, the meat pie is considered iconic in Australia and has been described as our national dish. An Aussie meat pie is a hand-sized meat pie containing largely diced or minced meat and gravy. Sometimes there is some onion, cheese, peas or mushroom too, but the key ingredients are the meat and gravy. Sounds delicious huh? I think so.

About 6 months ago I embarked on a journey to find a proper Aussie meat pie shop in Seoul. It had good reviews and the pictures looked authentic, so I set off on a journey of a lifetime. While desk warming at school this week I found the video footage on my computer and finally uploaded it to YouTube. 

After traveling to Seoul, taking the subway for 30 minutes, and then walking for an hour.... I was rather annoyed to get to the only pie shop in Korea to find it was closed! Not having satisfied my craving, my brain was on hyper alert for meat pies. I re-checked a few supermarkets in my city hoping against hope that one of them would stock the frozen variant of this tasty treat. Finally... success! I found some in the frozen food section of eMart, a large supermarket chain in Korea. 

nom nom nom nom.

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