Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Korean DVD Room

Thursday last week was a public holiday here in Korea so I traveled to Iksan to visit Jihyeon. We went to.... a DVD room. In Korea because people live with their parents until they get married there is a market for places such as this. There are small private rooms where couples can go and watch a movie together and have some private time together. Jihyeon got very embarrassed if I said "DVD room" too loudly because anyone that might overhear would immediately think.... "oh... i know what you will be doing ;)". In Korea anything more than holding hands in public is frowned upon. 

When you walk in it looks a little like a video shop. For two people, it cost 10,000 won ($10) to rent the movie and use the room to watch the movie.

We walked down a dark narrow corridor with lots of doors which lead to private rooms. It felt really seedy. At the end of the hall was the door to our room. You can see there is a large projected movie screen in front of a leather sofa bed. They even provide some coat hangers on the wall for you....

Just above the sofa is a phone you can use to call the front desk and get them to adjust the volume or report any problems with the movie.

The room was quite comfortable and once the lights were out the screen was excellent. They had a 7.1 sound system set up which sounded great in the small room.

After the movie we headed to a pool hall to play some pool before I headed home.

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