Saturday, October 19, 2013

Work Experience Day

Friday was the work experience day for grade 3. I was lucky enough to be able to tag along with one of my co-teachers and her home class. We would be going to a training center for a couple of hours to learn how to cook. Not exactly what I would consider work experience, but who am I to complain. I get to cook some food and then eat it. I never got to do that when I did work experience in Australia. All I remember of my work experience was the mind-numbingly boring work. I talked to some of the students I went with and was surprised to hear the most many of them have ever cooked was instant noodles in a coup (just add hot water). When I was that age I was in scouts and knew how to cook just about anything over an open fire. I wasn't expecting them to have amazing survival skills in the wild, but many had never even fried an egg or fried up some onion in a pan before. 

I had two choices. I could either make bread, or seafood spaghetti with oysters and prawns. I didn't like the sound of seafood spaghetti, so I stuck with the bread. 

We started off by putting on some fashionable orange vests and watching the baker do a demo.

Then, very precisely breaking the big lump of dough into 50 gram lumps. 

We then had to wrap the dough around the sausage and use scissors to slice up the sausage and flatten it out on the baking tray. 

The love using scissors for everything in Korea. 

We then put some kind of mayonnaise and onion on top of our delicacies. 

And some tomato sauce. I suggested to the students they should write their name instead of doing the boring squiggle that was demonstrated. I was met with a "no, we were told to do it like this". To hell with the rules. I'm writing my name^^. I'm the teacher and I can do whatever I want. Mwahahahaha.

And into the oven they go. 

Mmmmm. Baking.

Waiting around for our bread to cook.

I went for a walk and found the other students that had decided to make spaghetti. 

And then, my bread was done. I shared a plate with a student. The two at the bottom are mine. 

I had two left left over, so the baker kindly put them in a plastic bag for me. Thanks~

I wish every day was different and interesting like this. Oh well. Back to teaching English on Monday :(.

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