Sunday, November 24, 2013

My Parents Visit My School

My mum wanted to visit the school where I teach English before going back to Australia. The week before I had gotten permission from my principal for my parents to visit, so on Tuesday we visited my school. It worked out well because the grade 3 students were doing a performance in the gymnasium, so we sat and watched that as VIP's. 

Once the students finished, it was time for the teachers to get up on stage.

It was quite amusing. The students got right into it by waving their arms left and right in time with the music. I don't remember ever doing this when my teachers got up on stage at school. 

After the performance my principal invited us back to his office for a quick chat, and then to the school cafeteria for lunch. I didn't want to decline my principals invitation, but I was a little weary about accepting it. The school lunch can be a bit hit and miss sometimes, and the last thing I wanted was for my parents to turn their nose up at the school lunch while eating with the principal. 

But, as evident by their empty trays, my parents liked the lunch that was on offer that day. The principal and vice principal left the table, leaving us to talk with my head English teacher.

After lunch we went for a quick walk around the school and I showed my parents my office and some of the classrooms I teach in. We then walked back home so they could start packing their bags for their flight back to Australia the next day before we met up with another Australian (hi John) who is also teaching English here in Daejeon.

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