Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thank You For Coming

In Australia (and I am guessing other western countries) there is a tradition to give people a small gift called a "favor" when they attend your wedding. These are normally given out at the reception after the wedding. As it turns out, in Korea they have a similar custom. Yesterday I gave all the teachers and administration staff at my school rice cake to say thank you to those that were able to attend or who gave gift money. I wasn't 100% sure exactly who came and who gave gift money, so I decided to just give rice cake to everyone to play it safe. In Korean culture the principal and vice principal are seen as very important and highly respected figures within the school. This mean that they should get a better gift than everyone else, so I gave them some wine instead of rice cake. 

Pictured below is the rice cake. Each pack of rice cake cost about 2000won ($2). Jihyeon''s father offered to pick up and deliver the rice cake to my school for me. It was freshly made and still warm when I handed it out to the teachers. Thanks 아버님 (father-in-law).

He arrived with the rice cake around lunch time and was invited to lunch by one of the teachers in my office. I bet he never thought he would have lunch with me at school ^^.

I hope he liked the food. 

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