Thursday, February 5, 2015

Our Unit in Korea

We were getting ready to pack up our stuff and move to Australia and it struck me that I had not shared any photos of the unit we live in. It's a small (by Australian standards) 2 bedroom unit on the 3rd floor of a 4 storey apartment building a short walk from the subway station, multiple bus stops and 2 very large supermarkets. Jihyeon and I have been living here since December 2013. It has triple glazed windows and heated floors which keeps it toasty warm even on the coldest winter day. It's also completely free of mold which I have heard can be a problem in Korea due to poor building insulation and airflow. 

The living room.

I can't wait to move back to Australia and have a bigger kitchen to work in. 

The bathroom is basically just a big shower cubicle. When you shower, everything gets wet. Very much looking forward to returning to a normal "western" style bathroom. 

The second bedroom which is pretty much just used for storage. 

And our bedroom. 

Other than the noisy neighbours that live above us and let their child run around at 2am in the morning, and the b**** who lives on our floor, doesn't pay rent, has a yappy dog and stomps up the stairs at 4am it's been a decent place to live. As I mentioned earlier, it's close to a lot of amenities which makes our lives much easier since we don't have a car. 

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