Thursday, March 30, 2017

The first 7 months with Daniel

In celebration of Daniels first 7 months, here are some photos.

New born in Hospital

Just home from hospital and already making friends.

Play time with dad early in the morning while mummy has a break.

Sleeping in the cradle his Great Grandfather built 30 years ago for his father.

Chilling with dad by the pool

Cuddles with Grandpa.

Afternoon nap time.

Aunty Jisun playing Russian roulette changing his nappy.

Early morning smiles :)

Early morning nap

Visiting Great Grandparents for lunch.

Saying hello to the black swans in the park at the end of our street.

Another morning nap time.

Play time for Daniel but nap time for mummy.

Trouble makers.

Thank you for being a great napper Daniel.

Getting some light room touch ups for his first passport. Took about 100 pictures and managed to get this one that was pretty good. Just had to blow the background out to make it white and crop to the right size.

Swimming lessons with daddy

Swimming lessons with mummy :) He was 3 months old in this picture and bigger than the 6 month old babies in the class!

He loves swimming with mummy.

First ever train trip into the city.

Just chilling out with his Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother. 

Always curious and on the go.

Too cool for school.

A day down at Redcliffe Jetty.

Daniel at about 4 months old.

Games with Grandpa.

Thanks for keeping us entertained while mummy is at the hospital Daniel.

Daniels first Christmas! "Daddy, why am I wearing this funny outfit?"

Daniel being Jolly and Jumping.

Peak-a-boo with mummy!

Sitting in his chair for the first time about to eat solids!

Happy boy.

Story time with Daddy.

Daddy, what are you doing?

First trip to the supermarket. 

Sitting like a champion in the shopping trolly.

Watching everything.

But not quite sure what was going on.


I need to sneeze!

This is nice and soft, I might rest here a while.

Breakfast with Daddy.